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Convert 2D/3D Movies to VR Box for for watching

Step-by-step guide for watching 2D/3D movies on VR Box.
With the fast VR technology development and more VR devices available, the place you stand nowadays cannot limit where the sphere of your vision any more, but your mind can take you step into an amazing virtual world. Moreover, screens are smart enough now that you can watch a 2D/3D movies not only from dedicated cinema, comfortable home but also smartphones anywhere anytime, only if you own a VR headset like VR Box, it's actually pretty easy to do. But, in the era of 2D/3D video contents coming first, do you know how can I watch a 2D/3D movie with VR Box? Here we go.

Part I: See what you will need to let 2D/3D movies to play on VR Box:
1. A 2D or 3D movie. Even you can find a VR content if the VR version of the movie has be released.
Note: If no 2D movies existing and you don't like to buy a 3D movie from Amazon or Plex, you could use the 3rd party 3D movie maker shortcut to help you convert 2D to 3D quickly.