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How to Solve Toshiba TV MP4 Playback Issues

Can't play some MP4 files on Toshiba TV? This guide gives you a simple solution on how to open these MP4 files on Toshiba TV without problems.
If you have a raft of MP4 video files at hand, chances are you want to stream or transfer them into Toshiba TV from your PC or Mac, for enjoying more wonderful videos with your friends or family. However, when importing MP4 videos to Toshiba TV, only to encounter such annoying issues as "only sound and no picture ", "playback not available" or "getting a black screen". What's matter with that? Read on to learn the reason and the solution.

Why Toshiba TV refuses to play an MP4 video
From its official website we know that Toshiba TV support MP4 format, but MP4 is a media container format which can be encoded with many different codecs, like divx, xvid, h265, h264, h263, avc, mpeg-4, etc. And Toshiba TV is only compatible with MP4 in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video codec and AAC audio codec (For Toshiba 4K T…