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AVI DLNA Solution: Convert AVI to DLNA to Stream AVI over DLNA

How to stream AVI files over DLNA? How to solve DLNA won't stream AVI? Simply convert AVI to DLNA supported video format for successfully stream all AVI over DLNA.
Now more and more users will be directly in the transmission of video between different devices, which is why DLNA products listed, will soon be popular. Through a wired or wireless network, DLNA users can easily share digital video in a home environment, regardless of product manufacturer.
But not all video formats or video codecs can be streamed via DLNA. We will DLNA streaming AVI video files as an example. Users can only transmit H.263, HEVC H.265, MPEG4 compressed AVI files via DLNA, but if your AVI contains some codecs other than the supported video codecs, you can not pass the DLNA Transmit the AVI.

In order to stream all AVI over DLNA we only need to convert the unsupported AVI to DLNA preferred MPEG 2. To get converting AVI to MPEG 2 done perfectly many users rely on iDealshare VideoGo, the most p…