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Do you konw how to convert MP3 to WMA?

MP3 and WMA are both widely used formats for audio streaming or storage. Most of the music we hear in daily life is 
compressed via MP3 format. Nearly all the electronic products such as Walkman, cellphones, tablets can play MP3 
files. But,WMA is another audio format which has relatively high sound quality than MP3. Theoretically, when the 
bit rate(the number of bits conveyed or processed per unit of time, can be used to describe the quality of an audio 
or video file.) is lower than 128k, WMA sounds much better than MP3. Moreover, MP3 uses a little more storage space 
than WMA. Therefore MP3 is not a good choice if your computer runs low on disk space. Additionally, since WMA is 
developed by Microsoft, it’s highly compatible with windows platform, if you use Windows Media Player to play 
music, it’s better to choose WMA format. So in these occasions, people may want to convert MP3 files to WMA. Given 
that, we would like to offer you the solutions in this article to help you.

You can easil…